Allen+Co is thrilled to serve as the exclusive representative of BIOEX in the Caribbean. With over two decades of expertise in fluorine-free foam, BIOEX has been at the forefront of formulating and producing highly efficient and environmentally friendly firefighting foam concentrates, boasting a global presence.

As pioneers in eco-friendly foam technology, BIOEX faces the challenge of persuading customers to embrace these “new generation of green products,” which are entirely fluorine-free and have already demonstrated their efficacy.

In 2002, the company made a significant commitment to environmental stewardship by introducing ECOPOL, the world’s first class A/B fluorine-free foam concentrate. In 2017, BIOEX embarked on developing a non-fluorinated foam specifically for aircraft fires. And in 2020, the ECOPOL A+ formula was introduced. This fluorine-free foam provides a more stable and effective solution for a broader range of hydrocarbon fires.