On-Site Service

Keep Your Equipment Working At Its Best

At Allen + Co, we are committed to protecting the investments you’ve made in your equipment. Offering both maintenance and repair services, you’ll avoid future equipment breakdowns, unnecessary added maintenance expenses and problematic interruptions when responding to emergencies. You need your equipment to work hard for you – we’re here to ensure it does.

Our Service Supplier

Partnering with the Industry’s Best

Global ARFF has been a leader in the industry since 1974. Working with some of the largest emergency response organizations in operation, Global ARFF’s reputation of reliability and quality is widespread.

Through repairs, upgrades, inspections and preventative maintenance, they pride themselves on keeping clients’ critical equipment in service at all times. With unparalleled expertise and access to a wide range of parts, equipment is serviced with the fastest turn-around possible. Utilizing the latest technology and innovations, they handle service and repairs on every brand of emergency equipment, ensuring the equipment at work in the industry across the globe is performing with utmost safety and effectiveness.