PD140N Compact Handheld Metal Detection Set

The PD140N Compact Handheld Metal Detection set combines high reliability and ergonomics with advanced detection and operator signaling features. Effectively sensitive to all metals, this new indoor/outdoor detector is fully compliant with the latest Security Standards and features high immunity to external metal masses.


Features a special ergonomic design consisting of an offset hand grip, ensuring that the operator’s hand does not interfere with the sensitive detection area––fewer scans per person and shorter individual inspection times.

The sleek, mechanical design of the detector eschews sharp edges and corners, allowing the wand to be passed smoothly over the inspected area without catching on clothing.

The control panel, which includes buttons and warning lights, is made from high-thickness silicon, guaranteeing a high degree of protection and making it ideal for indoor/outdoor use at public events, stadiums and sports arenas, conventions, and multiple-lane screening areas.

Powered by two AA-size NiMH batteries with a battery life of over 100 hours. “Low Power” mode is automatically activated during periods of inactivity, extending the battery life up to 200 hours.


Dimensions (W x D x H): 710 mm x 350 mm x 110 mm

Weight: 3.3 kg

  • Simultaneous charge of multiple HHMDs
  • Single mains socket installation
  • Monolithic, high mechanical stability
  • NIJ Standard (0602.02 compliant)

Set includes:

  • Docking station base
  • Universal AC adapter
  • US, EU, UK, JP plugs adapter
  • Quick Reference Guide