EMA-Series Type B Bottle and Liquid Analyzer

The EMA-series Bottle and Liquid Scanner is an analyzing device designed for inspecting bottles and their contents to identify the possible presence of combustibles, flammable and explosive liquids.

EMA-Series Type B Bottle and Liquid Analyzer


Featuring an easy-to-operate procedure, the analyzer provides an accurate response within seconds. Compact and ergonomically designed, the maintenance-free analyzer is certified by ECAC requirements for LEDS (Liquid Explosive Detection Systems).

Generating a low-intensity and non-ionizing electromagnetic field from within the inspection chamber, both the operator and the analyzed liquid remain safe after multiple scans.

Inspection features

  • Recognizes bottles of all shapes and sizes and capacities between 100mL and 2,000mL
  • Duration of initial device ignition phase: 15 seconds maximum
  • Analysis time: approximately 5 seconds (Type B model); approximately 4 seconds (Type A model)


  • Operator interface features high visibility graphic display
  • Keyboard with stainless steel buttons for high durability
  • Password-protected programmability
  • Automatic calibration, performed continuously


  • 470mm x 317mm x 330mm (Type B)
  • 545 mm x 317 mm x 330 mm (type B and type A included)


  • 17kg (type B)
  • 17.5 kg (type B and type A included)

Main mechanical/electrical characteristics

  • Entirely built in AISI304 stainless steel
  • Anti-fingerprint surface treatment
  • High SMT integration
  • 32-bit microcontrollers
  • 32-bit DSP
  • Low absorbed power and high reliability

Certifications and compliance

  • Type A Standard 3 certified
  • Type B Standard 3 certified
  • TSA qualified