ECOPOL A3+ (MilSpec) 

NEW Synthetic Fluorine-Free Concentrate SFFF Technology for Aircraft Hydrocarbon Fire Protection

Elevate your airport safety standards with BIOEX ECOPOL A3+ (Milspec) foam concentrate! Allen + Co is proud to introduce this cutting-edge solution to the Caribbean. This revolutionary synthetic fluorine-free foam concentrate not only complies with the latest regulation MIL-PRF-32725 but also stands as the environmentally friendly alternative to traditional film-forming foam concentrates.

Designed for seamless integration with all foam dosing systems and automated equipment, this liquid concentrate ensures compatibility and ease of use. Furthermore, it’s biodegradable, perfectly aligning with your environmental sustainability goals.

With proven effectiveness on a range of fuels, including new fuels, gasoline, and Jet A, and available in nominal, half, and double strength variations, BIOEX ECOPOL A3+ delivers high extinguishing performance and exceptional burnback resistance.

Upgrade your firefighting capabilities with BIOEX ECOPOL A3+ (MilSpec) – the ultimate choice for enhanced safety and compliance in airport operations.

Features & Specifications

  • Dilution rate: 3%
  • Excellent quality and performance on different types of hydrocarbon fires
    Ex. Kerosene, JET A1, JET A, petroleum distillate, gasoline
  • Performances tested according to MIL-PRF-32725 with fresh water
  • Fluorine and silicone/siloxane-free
  • Liquid concentrate
  • Compatible with dry chemical
  • 10-year warranty in original packaging and at storage temperatures 35°F/120°F