ASME & TC Air Storage Systems

Jordair ASME & TC Air Storage systems provide fully assembled, pressure-tested units that are designed for the safe and effective transport and storage of air and gas.


With individual features that include mounting racks (vertical and horizontal), manifold, individual shut-off valves, and safety burst disks, both systems are designed with safety in mind.


ASME System Features:

  • Vertical Rack
  • 7000 PSIG ASME Cylinders
  • ASME Relief Valve
  • CRN-certified
  • Cylinder Isolation Valves
  • System pressure gauge
  • Burst Discs
  • Cylinder Drain Valve
  • Complete system is fully assembled and pressure tested
  • External and internal visual inspection for corrosion is recommended every 5 years

TC System Features:

  • Vertical Rack
  • 4500/6000 PSIG DOT/TC Cylinders
  • Cylinders are complete with individual shutoff valves and safety burst disks
  • Complete system is fully assembled and pressure tested
  • Inspection and regular testing are required